Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Sun Also Rises

As I write this, there is a thin blanket of snow on the ground and the sun is just rising.  It’s rising near the crossing of two ridges in the distance that form a ‘V’ and creates a landmark that is very close to the point in the sky that the sun dips at solstice.  The sun goes that far – but no further.  It has now (happily!) started its rise in the other direction and each day is a bit longer.  I can sit at my table and literally watch the earth move.  It is perhaps a sign of age that the psychological pendulum is moving once again in the other direction.  Spring is coming as fast as it can.

That is some comfort in these times.  All of our work for good or ill cannot change that action that God has set into motion.  If we sought to set up dictators or cast down kings, the sun would rise in the morning with pinpoint accuracy.  His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts ours.  As the singer Kendall Payne relates,

“He won’t say the words that you wish that He would

Oh, He don’t do the deeds, you know that He could”

So I tell this to myself.  I am a long time political-junkie but have found myself taking it too seriously. It is important.  These are serious questions.  But the sun rises.  Peoples basic needs remain.  The seeds in the ground will break the earth in April.  I need to keep perspective.  That is hard to do in this information age.  

Thus ever that God is love.  That message has (I hope) started to change me.  People recognize counterfeit love.  If it’s not genuine and true – they know.  If I am loving them because I have to – well that ain’t love is it?  I hope I do more God-centered loving in 2017.  And do it with recklessness.  Scripture says I am supposed to come like a little child.  When my kids were young, they would jump from the steps into my arms.  They knew that even though the distance was great, I would not let them fall.  I need to jump more.

Happy 2017